by Lissette Rondon: My friendly chat with Eyelash Extension Artist Jonglak Knight (Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio).

I remember meeting Jonglak Knight on the word of the renowned master colorist, Jenna Levine. I recall being in need of a technician with great skill and a respect for time. JJ, as she is fondly called is a true professional as she’s able to complete her routine on time. Considering my busy schedule, she was perfect.

My first session with her was all it took to trust her. Today, I simply let Jonglak decide all my lash style and fullness. After her work, I wake up more comfortable, less needy for makeup and inspired. She is an artist and I believe our audience should get to know her.

Our Q and A

Eye lashes Artist, Jonglak Knight, Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio
Eyelash Artist, Jonglak Knight, Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio. Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

Lissette Rondon: JJ, what made you decide to start doing Lashes?

Jonglak Knight: I love beauty. I find the woman’s eyes especially beautiful. I look at a woman and to think of interesting ways to make their lashes pop. Plus, seeing how attractive women become with beautiful lashes, I was instantly hooked.

LR: What challenges have you experienced in your time in the industry?

JK: Well, I grew up in Thailand before relocating to the US. Like many other immigrants, the challenge was communication. As you know, to deliver great service, we must connect to the client. Hence, I had to take the time to learn to speak English fluently.

LR: What makes you special and different from other technicians?

JK: Not to brag, but I am very good at making lashes. I am highly focused and detailed. Best of all, I care about keeping to schedule to accommodate the busy work-life of my clients.

The Eyelash Expert

Eye lashes Artist, Jonglak Knight, Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio
Eyelash Artist, Jonglak Knight, Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio

LR: So, tell me, how do you keep retaining your clients?

JK: It is important to listen to the client and try to understand what they desire. Also, I make sure to always deliver my best work in way that amplifies the client’s natural look and attractiveness. 

LR: Are there any drawback to having lash extensions?

JK: I always like to remind my clients that extensive use of lash extension can damage their natural lashes. However, I would suggest they use a natural eyelash growth serum to help keep their lashes strong and healthy.

LR: So, are there dangers like bacterial infections with the use of lash extension?

JK: Yes, there are, and this is an area where I take my time to instruct my clients or lashes hygiene. For example, they must make sure that their lashes do not get wet within the first 24 hours of the application. Likewise, they must clean or brush the lashes with non-oil products. In addition to that, I gift my clients written instructions to take home.

Her Empowerment and  Key to Success

Eyelash Artist, Jonglak Knight
Eyelash Artist, Jonglak Knight, Founder of Eye Max Lashes Studio.  Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

LR: What empowers you as businesswoman?

JK: Having a customer base to service and succeeding in what I do make me feel empowered. Also, being called the “Queen of lashes,” fills me with good vibes and joy.

LR: What would you say is the key to success and how would you advice someone new getting into this business?

JK: I believe that in any business the key to success is one’s ability to connect to the client. As for anyone thinking of coming into this business, I want them to know that the art of eyelashes requires consistent learning, time, and dedication. Also, you have to practice, practice, practice! and believe in yourself. I echo the same message to my students, family and friends.

You can read amazing reviews about JJ at  

Contacts: 954-401-6432 (By appointment only ).

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