By Lissette Rondon.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT:  Five breathtaking gowns made history this year at Miami Fashion Week! Elegance, glamour and style always make a statement in any red carpet around the world but what could possibly gain a great deal of attention at the red carpet for five days in a row, the same woman, five dresses and only one designer?

Beth Sobol, Founder and President of Miami Fashion Week—an entrepreneur who has a legendary status in our community–was the woman who stood out from the crowd wearing 5 masterpieces inspiring everybody to dream about fashion, and Samy Gicherman—who this year became the, “here comes the designer” – the designer that made a Beth Sobol look nothing but stunning; the designer who understands what women want!
Beyond fashion, we wanted to be the first to know everything about this new charter of Samy Gicherman’s career and our president, Lissette Rondon stopped by his atelier getting an exclusive about his cutting-edge gowns, his experience at MFW and a little bit more from this Miami talent, who has proven that the best is yet to come.
Lissette Rondon: How did you become the personal designer of Beth Sobol for “Miami Fashion Week” this year?
Samy Gicherman: “I’ve known Beth Sobol since I came to this city, 11 years ago, participating in fashion events including Miami Fashion Week, but I started to design for her 5 years ago. She is a working business woman with a great vision. This year once again, I had the privilege of designing her gowns that she wore each night at MFW. It was a great commitment for me—a work done with time and study. I know her very well, her tastes, her silhouette and her elegance when she walks. The style of this lady is so unique and I got the challenge!”

LR: Did you imagine that your gowns were going to cause such a sensation, every night?
SG: “Well, we worked with complete changes of look, pursuing the excellence, the work of each night was completely different ending in a fabulous success every night and I am so grateful for it!”

LR: How does the designer make the connection with what the client wants?
SG: “The connection with the client is given by the understanding, the professionalism and how you treat her from the beginning. It’s a matter of confidence that the client gives you and one must respond to that commitment.”
LR: What was the inspiration behind these gowns?
SG: “The inspiration was given by Beth’s personality. I imagined her as one luxurious gem—it was a huge styling work, picking the right colors, such as: magenta, emerald green, the sensual white, unique prints and finally the golden glow, along with her accessories, make-up and hair–everything was very important, every detail mattered.”
LR: Any special story about your experience with the dresses?
SG: “Yes, like any artist I’m pretty clueless—very organized but a little crazy. I had the commitment to dress Beth but I also had the stress of presenting my Resort collection at MFW. The opening night, I called her in the afternoon, I left a message on her answering machine telling her that all was well, I was going to be early to help dress her up with the white dress. She called me back five minutes later, freaking out because the dress was the wrong one—we previously agreed that was going to be the magenta dress. We went silent (I was in shock), and I said, “of course Beth, don’t worry.” I returned to my studio as soon as I could to pick up the magenta dress and came back to the Convention Center because I also had my fashion presentation and the designing flight attendant competition. Fortunately, I was on time for everything!”

Samy Gicherman & Beth Sobol. Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.
Beth Sobol. Photo Credit: Frank E. Diaz.
Beth Sobol. Photo Credit: Guillermo Moretta.
The Five Most Iconic Dresses of Miami Fashion Week
Beth Sobol. Photo Credit: Guillermo Moretta.
LR: I have a list of questions that you should try to answer with no more than three words.
LR: Favorite designer of MFW?
SG: “Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.”
LR- Your favorite dress?
SG: “Beth’s white dress”
LR- Moment that you will never forget?
SG: “Back Stage, dressing the models for the competition.”

LR- Favorite trend?
SG: “Mine.”
LR- What do you do in your free time?
SG: “Watch a movie.”

LR- Actress of Hollywood that you would like to dress?

SG: “Kim Basinger”

LR- Your favorite client?

SG: “The one who deposited her confidence in me.”

LR- Designer you’ve admired through all time? 

SG: “Lavin”
LR- Who would you choose to be your muse?

SG: “Latin women”

LR- How would you define Samy Gicherman?

SG: “Phoenix bird”

The Five Most Iconic Dresses of Miami Fashion Week
Image by Frank Diaz.
Samy Gicherman has his atelier at Bal Harbour, Florida, where he works by appointment only
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