Actress Adriana Cataño Graces the Covers of Two Leading Latin Publications‏

Actress Adriana Cataño Graces the Covers of Two Leading Latin Publications‏
Actress Adriana Cataño Graces the Covers of Two Leading Latin Publications‏.
Image: Courtesy of Michi Publicity.

Adriana Cataño, the beautiful and renowned actress, television host and voice-over talent, was selected by and Eventos Magazine, two leading Latin market publications, to grace their covers of August/September. In exclusive interviews, both publications highlighted Cataño’s extensive professional career of more than 20 years in the entertainment industry as well as her new upcoming projects and future endeavors.

Adriana Cataño is experiencing one of the most fulfilling and best moments of her career. Her seminars “How to Break into Show Business and Succeed” have been extremely successful and fully booked on three different occasions. The seminars are aimed at young actors who want to kick start a career in the entertainment industry.

The Miami-born actress of Colombian descent, relishes an enviable physique and excellent health, she is considered to be one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the industry. Cataño has recently shared all of her beauty, nutrition and exercise tips with her followers on all of her social media accounts. These tips are very helpful in guiding many on how to feel and look young at any age.

Eventos Magazine named Cataño the “fairy godmother of future stars” on their cover and thoroughly explored the details of the seminars that she created to motivate and guide all those young actors who want to build a career in entertainment business. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Cataño shared that for a limited time the seminars will be FREE of charge with more limited space than before, making it a more personal experience for students. The seminars will continue to maintain all of the key ingredients from the previous ones. By offering this for a limited time, she hopes to reach more students and maintain it as one of the best coaching seminars for young aspiring actors. “I want to share everything I’ve learned over the years and give the next generation of actors a thrust to shine,” said Cataño in the interview with the magazine.

In addition, the widely recognized online magazine LifeStyle had an exclusive photo shoot with Cataño, led by talented photographer Johnny Arráiz and styled by Emilio Uribe. During her interview with editor-in-chief, Juan Camilo Gomez, Cataño opened her heart and talked about aspects of her personal and private life, as well as the exclusive scoop of the launch of a new calendar, as she herself said, “… it will be very sexy, very classy and sophisticated”. She also acknowledged that she is ready for the next big step in her career, now that her daughter is older. The photo shoot and interview will air on the cover of the website later this month and can be seen at

“Adriana is not only very beautiful, but is also a great professional who epitomizes what Miami Lifestyle is. Her current prestige as a professional and as a woman is undeniably worthy of gracing our end of summer cover story, “said Juan Camilo Gomez.


“I feel ecstatic and very fortunate at the moment. This month has been so productive and positive for my career. Gracing the cover of both these publications means that the media recognizes my career and effort; that being said, the knowledge and experience to guide young people get started in this career fills me with joy and satisfaction beyond words,” said Cataño.

Adriana has plans to relocate to Los Angeles soon where the acress plans to concentrate on working on more English language projects.

To stay connected with Adriana Cataño, you are invited to follow her on Twitter at @CatanoOfficial, like her on Facebook and follow her recently made public account on Instagram, @AdriCatano.

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