Russie Blanche the skincare and spa brand, founded in Paris by the last Miss USSR and former model, Julia Lemigova, launched stateside at Clyde’s in New York, Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, Florida, The Standard Hotel, The Delano Hotel and Sean Donaldson Hair in Miami. While touring the world as Miss USSR and modeling, Julia began her search for a “better way of life,” in each country she visited; she studied and experienced the local beauty rituals, opening her first well-being center in 2003, on the rue de la Renaissance in Paris’ 8th arrondissement.

It quickly became the “it” place for Parisian socialites. In response to her clients’ demands and in collaboration with Parisian dermatologists and scientists, Julia launched the Russie Blanche Skin Care and Body Care in 2009. Inspired by the Russian Beauty traditions she grew up with and refined by her many years living in Paris.

Our Founder & President, Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with Julia Lemigova, during her launching products at Sean Donaldson Hair in South Beach, where she talks about her beginnings, her beauty line here in Miami, next projects, and more.

Julia Lemigova Launches Russie Blanche Cosmetics line in Miami
Julia Lemigova during her launching of ‘Russie Blanche Cosmetics” in South Beach, Miami.


Lissette Rondon: Tell us a little about your beginnings at the beauty & spa world.

Julia Lemigova: “I always was attracted to fashion and beauty. When I was 18 years old I won the miss Russia competition and that was my ticket to discover other parts of the world; the panel was a model agency from England and they invited me to work with them as a model in Paris.

After so many years of working in fashion, I was in Thailand and I discovered the spa world and I knew that was the time to say good-bye to the modeling industry before the modeling industry said good-bye to me. So I came back home, Paris at that time, and I opened a spa. I started to learn about skin care, search development, aromatherapy among others and after 6 years of running my spa I opened my own beauty line “Russie Blanche.”

Julia Lemigova Launches Russie Blanche Cosmetics line in Miami
Skin Care Specialist, Rubina Treio. Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Spotlight


LR: Tell me about the launching of your beauty line “Russie Blanche” here in Miami.

JL: Many years ago I participated in the Miss Universe Competition I came in second, I did not speak English at all and I promised myself that one day, I would be back to the USA and I would speak English. I learned English and I learned a lot about the products and I thought that was the right time to come back to America but where should I go? For skin care and beauty products the option were two cities: New York and L.A. But I came to Miami for vacations and I fell in love with the city. According to my vision in Miami, you can be yourself and you are a couple of hours from New York and L.A if you need to go there for business. So I packed my things and settled here in Miami and slowly I have been launching my products here in the city. The first place was in Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, the second was the Spa at Delano hotel and the Standard Hotel and then I met Sean (Owner of Sean Donaldson Hair) and that’s why we are here today, launching “Russie Blanche” at Sean’s salon in South Beach.

LR How has the feedback of Miami’s women to “Russie Blanche” beauty line been?

JL: In my presentations, I got a lot of compliments for the women that tried the facials with me because my product works perfect for Miami’s clients, especially the “Siberian Petals” cream and serum because they are so light and not heavy that makes them perfect for this weather.

Julia Lemigova Launches Russie Blanche Cosmetics line in Miami
Makeup Artist, Robert H. Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Spotlight


LR: What do you think business women need to know to be successful in the beauty business?

JL: There is no secret formula to be successful in any business but there is something that is definitely helpful and it is being truly passionate about what you do and being disciplined, both of them together, because you can be passionate and not disciplined, and vice versa, and you won’t make it.

LR– What is your next project?

JL: I will be launching a new product soon and of course continuing launching my line in a few spas here in the city.

LR: Could you define your work and yourself with just three words?

JL: Curious, passionate and loving life.

Julia Lemigova Launches Russie Blanche Cosmetics line in Miami
Hair Stylist, Alex Diaz. Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Spotlight
Julia Lemigova Launches Russie Blanche Cosmetics line in Miami
Our Founder & President, Lissette Rondon after her beauty treatment with Russie Blanche Cosmetics along with makeup and hair by Sean Donaldson’s team. Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Spotlight


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