Miami was always a fascinating city featuring events and distractions to keep you up all year round. After finishing one of our favorite weeks aka “Miami Swim Week”, now we are focusing on the thrilling “Spa month”.

Although “Spa Month” starts on July 1 and comes to an end on August 31, it becomes even better once “Miami Swim Week” is over. Apart from that, August is the month that we are reporting more than ever about Spas, relaxation and of course all things beauty.

We would like to start off the month with something super exciting, are you ready? Actress and businesswoman Adriana Cataño sent us her new beauty line and we’re here to tell you everything about it! And how not be excited, if we are talking about such an inspiring and beautiful woman. Cataño in addition to being an actress, she also used to work as a Beauty Coach, doing an excellent job as editor and beauty counselor for the Magazine “Eventos y Conecciones”.

The beauty line is called Cataño By Aniise, featuring 5 products that are crucial for your daily skincare routine. It comes in a beautiful yellow, almost golden box which is super cute and makes a great gift idea for the beauty addict in your life. We tested the products for 60 days and here is the outcome:

Miami Spa Month: Reviewing the beauty line Cataño By AniiseCleansing Milk

This is hands down one of our favorites as it manages to cleanse all the makeup residue both from the skin and the delicate area around the eyes extremely well, while being super gentle. It doesn’t contain acids, alcohol or soap and leaves the skin super smooth. The best part? It has a relaxing, gorgeous smell due to the aloe and chamomile extracts.

Collagen Toner

Following up the Cleansing Milk, the Collagen Toner is exactly what you need for a completely clean complexion. Swipe with a cotton pad all over your face and voilà! Glowing skin, without dead skin cells that because dullness is revealed. This toner prepares your skin for the next steps and helps nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

Collagen Facial Serum

A serum designed for all skin types and perfect for those who dislike strong scents on products, as it doesn’t smell like anything particular. You can apply it up to 2 times per day and it is best suited for mature complexions of 40+ as it boosts your skin with the much-needed collagen. Our favorite way of using it is only at night before bed on clean skin. By the next morning your skin will feel brand new and definitely more toned. The results were fascinating; smoother, younger looking skin in just 60 days. Treat yourself and apply it while having an “at home” relaxation time whether you are working, resting or in our case writing!

Collagen Anti-wrinkle Eye Serum

The truth is that you can’t judge an anti-aging eye cream with just a few applications, but it sure felt really nice and hydrating all the times we used it. If you want to see more results you need at least a 6-month period.

The Collagen Mask

And now our definite favorite of the entire Cataño beauty line and the reason for this review, the Collagen Mask! You know we love to inform our readers for all the hidden gems we discover, don’t you?

This mask is indicated to be used 2 to 3 times per week and let us tell you that we indeed used it 3 times a week and the results were phenomenal. Firmer, more toned and brighter skin, splashed with antioxidants for a well-rested look and feel. It is great for preventing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin drastically.

Age is just a number

Remember our motto “Age is a just a number”?  Well, we already see that Adriana Cataño is one of those women who do not let the number define them; they define the number. And that has turned them into beauty gurus, knowing exactly how to take care of themselves their whole lives. They look spectacular, thanks to the time they have invested in learning which ingredients are effective in a beauty product, so we can benefit from products like these and follow their path too.

We are looking forward to the next collection!

* This beauty line is Cruelty-free, and no tests were performed on animals. You can purchase the products on

*Craving for more? 

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