TV Guide Network star, Katie Cazorla, takes Miami promoting reality series | Nail Files

Katie Cazorla, TV Guide Network Star “Nail Files”| Image by Frank Diaz.

Katie Cazorla, the star of TV Guide Network and owner of Hollywood celebrity-filled nail salon “The Painted Nail” came to Miami to promote new original reality series “Nail Files”.

The charismatic, Katie Cazorla, gave an exclusive interview to Lissette Rondon, President of “Miami Fashion Spotlight” at “Trio on the Bay” located in North Bay Village, on June 2nd– where Cazorla explained her experience behind “Nail Files”, the importance of a fabulous manicure, her celebrity clientele, her glamorous life and the challenges of being “The Queen of Nails.”

Lissette Rondon (President of Miami Fashion Spotlight) and Katie Cazorla, TV Guide Network Star | Image: Frank Diaz.

TV Guide Network will debut “Nail Files” on June 21st at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. Produced by Sallyann Salsano (Jersey Shore), the series follows Katie Cazorla, owner of a celebrity-filled nail salon in L.A “The Painted Nail.” It’s an insider’s look of challenges of managing staff, keeping her celebrity clientele happy, growing her new brand while she balances her relationship with her fiance Walter Afanasieff (Grammy award-winning music legend).
LR- What is your story behind “Nail Files”? 

KC: “I was a stand up comic for 10 years in L.A. I got to the point where I was getting “mani & pedi” all the time, I love good manicure. When I received a pedicure that was so bad I thought, I’m going to quit what I’m doing and go to the art school and I will open my dream nail salon,” said Cazorla. “I opened the store on March 8th. Three months later a producer came in and said “you should have your own show.” I said I’ll give it a shot, so I took the idea. All set and done it took almost 2 years.”
LR- What is different in “The Painted Nail” from other nail salons?

KC: “I wanted a nail salon that people didn’t feel any rush, because I wanted to give a long service but I did not want my clientele spending $150 like a spa. I also wanted fun and good treatments so I combined them and I found the middle of the road,” added Cazorla.
LR- Could you preview a few celebrities that are going to be in “Nail Files”?

KC: “Of course, Vanessa Williams, Debbie Gibson, Candace Cameron, Vanessa Hudgens and Kenny G, among others,” added Cazorla.

Lissette Rondon and Katie Cazorla | Image: Frank Diaz.

LR- You are planning to open franchises in Hollywood, Las Vegas and London. Are you considering Miami? 

KC: “Yes, I love it here. It’s hard for me not to image myself running a couple of places in Miami Beach or South Beach. Something fun and glamorous would be good.” added Cazorla.
LR- Tell us about your new brand nail polish line? 

KC: “My new brand polish line came out because I though there was a lack in polishes that have a lot of less chemicals the way I wanted. In my salon we don’t do acrylic nails, we don’t do hard gels, so I came out with my line that is Eco-friendly, DBP free and it’s certified by P.E.T.A. It’s very high quality and the colors are very pretty,” said Cazorla.

Lissette Rondon and Katie Cazorla | Image: Frank Diaz.

LR- In your first episode you proclaimed yourself “Queen of Nails”- What does this tittle mean for you and what is your mission? 

KC: “People think that is an ego thing but it’s not. The nail’s world has always been represented by corporations. There is no person, so I felt the need to be a spokesperson for nails.” added Carzorla. “My stuff is Eco-friendly and it’s also chic, there is my mission. Just because we are Eco-friendly does not mean that we have to be boring.”
LR-Could you define your work and yourself with 3 words? 

KC: “Driven, crazy, funny.”

Image by Frank Diaz.

LR- It is true that your fiance Walter Afanasieff (Grammy-winning record producer) is an honorary employee of “The Painted Nail”? 

KC: “Yes, he is adorable, we come from different worlds. When he comes to my store he’s like my employee, he waters the flowers, he cleans the floors…he gets special treatments! “added Cazorla, smiling.
LR- Is there a wedding date set?

KC: “If I ever find out when we are going to get married, I will let you know personally, I promise, you will be the first person to know about it,” added Cazorla.

Best moments with Katie Cazorla!

Images by Frank Diaz
“ If you have a passion for makeup, hair or nails, you can realistically go to an art school which is less expensive than collage. If you have passion for it and you believe in yourself, people will believe you”.
Katie Cazorla
TV Guide Network Star -“The Queen of Nails”
Hollywood Owner Celebrity-Filled Nail Salon.

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