50 Years Later, Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles

50 years ago, on February 7, 1964, The Beatles arrived in America for the first time in front of three thousand screaming fans that received them. On February 9, “The Fab Four:” John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr played their first iconic show on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” aired on CBS and watched by approximately 73 million viewers, and the rest is history!

A month ago, model and actress, Athina Klioumi Marturet met designer, Lisu Vega. After a few minutes talking they discovered that they have something in common, their passion for The Beatles and fashion. Immediately, they began brainstorming about a design that Mrs. Marturet would wear for the next concert of her husband, maestro Eduardo Marturet (music director & conductor of Miami Symphony Orchestra), ending with the creation of one unique gown with printed sheet music of the song “With a Little Help from My Friends” written by the maestro, becoming the most recent fashion statement accomplished by Vega.

After this success, these businesswomen went for more! Sponsored by Miami Fashion Spotlight in an amazing fashion collaboration, Lisu Vega and Athina Klioumi Marturet created a limited edition “Gratitude Collection” to be launched at the ‘50th Anniversary of The Beatles Arrival in Miami’ concert by Miami Symphony Orchestra in Miami, on November 16th, 2014.

In an exclusive interview, these fashion icons talked about the story behind the dress, their fashion collaboration, their passion for The Beatles, and more.

 50 Years Later, Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles
Cover picture (up): Athina’s Dress by Lisu Vega/ Jewelry by Tarbay & Patricia Costa (Beach Boutique Miami). This picture: Athina’s Dress by Lisu Vega/ Jewelry by Tarbay. Images: Simon Soong.
MFS: How did the idea of Lisu Vega designing this unique gown with printed sheet music written by maestro Marturet come about?

Athina Klioumi: “When I met Lisu I told her about the concert remembering “The Beatles” with the Miami Symphony Orchestra and that my husband had composed a work inspired by the song “With a little help of my friends.” I also told her that I wanted a dress that could express the music, my essence, my life with Eduardo, the orchestra, our work with Miami’s community, and Lisu visualized all of it! She came out with a gown that had all the elements. I froze when I saw the accurate sheet music printed on it with the signature on the back by Eduardo. This dress gave me a very high vibration, almost magic!

Lisu Vega: Athina also told me the story about the deep love and admiration between Eduardo and her, and that truly inspired me to create a fabric and dress which could express their two greatest passions: music and fashion, inspirations that I used to create the print of the fabrics with the sheet music written by the maestro and Athina as his muse.

Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles
Athina’s Dress by Lisu Vega/ Earrings: Tarbay/ Shoes: BEBE. Image: Simon Soong.

MFS: It is true that due to the success of the exquisite gown that Athina wore on the last gala-concert inaugurating Trump Hall, you are teaming up to launch a capsule collection inspired by The Beatles and Maestro Marturet’s work to benefit Miami Symphony Orchestra?

AK: Yes, it was amazing how many people called me to congratulate me for the dress and wanting one, this dress is unique and it will be a museum piece. I wore this dress in front 800 guests at the Trump Hall in Doral; during the red carpet, the photographers followed me but after talking with Lissette Rondon, my great friend, fashion expert, and contributor of MISO, she gave me the idea to create a collection inspired by the theme of the era of the Fab Four and glam dresses for our friends, something ageless. We had a meeting with Lisu and we were on the same page, she immediately showed us her fashion forward designs with palettes of colors that remember the 1960’s. We have friends who want pieces of this collection and have not even seen the dresses yet!

LV: This year I have learned many new things. I’ve had good experiences with great achievements; not only professionals, but also the main achievement of life: BEING THANKFUL AND GIVING, from there comes my need for working with foundations where I can contribute to help others in need. When I talked to these two great women, they told me about MISO’s charity work and I loved it. How their musicians give free lessons to underprivileged children, teaching them how to play instruments quickly and effectively, motivated me. After that, the three of us began to do what we do best, and my role was to design a collection, and now a portion of the proceeds will be donated to MISO.

Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles
Image: Maria M. Baiz
Gratitude Collection by Lisu Vega
Here, Lisu Vega gives us a sneak peek of her Gratitude Collection with this sketch!
MFS: Could you give us a little sneak peek about this new collection? What is everyone’s role in this fashion collaboration?

LV: This collection was inspired by the bright colors of a very emblematic era where The Beatles were not only part of a musical revolution but also linked to a social revolution because music changes everything, music is life!

AK: This collaboration is between the President of Miami Fashion Spotlight.Net, Lissette Rondon, fashion designer, Lisu Vega, and myself as an ambassador for the MISO. It’s a limited edition collection with short dresses with black base and bright color. The launching will be at the ‘50th Anniversary of The Beatles Arrival in Miami’ concert by the MISO on November 16th at the Arsht Center with many surprises, we can’t tell more!

Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles
Athina’s Dress by Lisu Vega/ Jewelry by Patricia Costa ( Beach Boutique Miami). Image: Simon Soong.

MFS- Do you consider yourself fans of “The Beatles?” Who is your favorite Beatle? Which are your favorite songs?

AK: When I was little I lived in Essen, Germany and there was a movie filmed about “The Beatles in Germany,” and I was one of those chosen people to participate in this movie. They recreated the fan’s euphoria, it was unforgettable to live that. Then with my husband and other orchestras I participated as story teller in other versions for concerts.

LV: I declare myself a fan of a movement that through music revolutionized youth!

AK: My favorites were the two Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and my favorite songs are: “With a Little Help from My Friends,” “All You Need is Love,” and “Lady Madonna.”

LV: Mine favorites are “Love Me Do,” “Yesterday,” and “Obladi Oblada.”

Local Luminaries of Fashion Remember The Beatles
Athina’s Dress by Lisu Vega/ Jewelry by Patricia Costa ( Beach Boutique Miami)/ Shoes: BEBE. Image:Simon Soong.
Written by Lissette Rondon.
Art Direction & Designer: Lisu Vega.
Photographer: Simon Soong
Contributor: Photographer, Maria M. Baiz
Jewelry: Tarbay Patricia Costa (Beach Boutique Miami).
Shoes: BEBE
Location: South Pointe Park, South Beach & Trump National Doral Miami.

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