We enjoyed 2014 very much! Our team did their best in covering as much as they could just to be on top of things and we accomplished them. But before the year ends, let’s review the most unforgettable fashion shows in Miami that literally blew our minds throughout 2014:

Photo credit: Courtesy of Tara Ink.

10- Donna Karan Fashion Show Co-Hosted by Women of Tomorrow.

 With the support of Donna Karan, the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program co-chaired Donna Karan’s Spring 2014 Collection fashion show at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/04/donna-karan-fashion-show-co-hosted-by.html

Courtesy of Tara Ink.

9- Designer Michael Costello’s Pinnacle Collection Was Unveiled at Temple House Miami Beach‏.

The first ever Pinnacle collection was unveiled at the exclusive 16,000 square feet Temple House in Miami Beach and kicked off with a cocktail reception sponsored by Cavalli Miami restaurant.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/designer-michael-costellos-pinnacle.html

Photo credit: Courtesy of John James Muller.

8- Barraca Chic Presented Collection Inspired by the Goddesses of Ancient Greece at Miami SWIM Week.

Barraca Chic ( our favorite brand of Miami Swim Week) is a line from Switzerland that debuted its Resort 2015 Collection featuring Swarovski embellishments, the finest fabrics, and unique silhouettes.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/07/barraca-chic-presented-collection.html

Photo Credit: ALLMEID–Courtesy of Tara Ink.

7- Local Miami Designer, Liliana Montoya debuts Mermaids Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Montoya’s collection was inspired by the natural beauty of her native Latin American roots, this emerging young designer is in the forefront of the “bikini evolution.”

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/07/local-miami-designer-liliana-montoya.html

Photo credit: Humberto Vidal.

6- Custo Barcelona Closes Miami Fashion Week’s First Night of Runway Shows.

“We are very happy and excited to showcase this beautiful collection that was specially selected for Miami Fashion Week 2014,” said Custo Barcelona. “It is a pleasure to be here in Miami, city that bridges us into our priority markets. A true delight.”

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/custo-barcelona-closes-miami-fashion.html

Photo credit: Nicolas Spticianos.

5- Televisa Celebrated Their 8th Annual High-End Beach Couture Fashion Show.

This year’s Cosmo Summer Splash show featured everything a Cosmo “IT” Girl should have for the summer. The poolside event held at the high-end SLS South Beach featured an elegant runway over the pool where the models showcased the fashions of the hottest runway looks from top swimwear fashion designers.

Read more: http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/07/cosmo-summer-splashtelevisa-celebrated.html

Photo credit: Humberto Vidal.

4- Miami Fashion Week 2014 Crowns Lisu Vega Winner of Design Competition.

With a sold out crowd as a witness, Miami Fashion Week 2014 hosted a special runway show as part of their design competition where top Miami-based fashion designers had to design the Eastern Air Lines new flight attendant uniforms.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/miami-fashion-week-2014-crowns-lisu.html

Photo credit: Humberto Vidal.

3- Viviana Gabeiras thrills the audience with her fashion presentation.

Inspired by the modern city of Berlin Gabeiras brought, as she promised, DRAMA to the runway, showcasing a fusion between her two labels ‘Viviana Gabeiras’ and ‘Petit Pois’ by Viviana G in a very sartorial collection led by her muse, Athina Klioumi Marturet.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/miami-fashion-week-2015-viviana.html

Photo credit: Humberto Vidal.

2- Miami Fashion Week 2014: Carpe Diem by Andres Sarda.

Miami Fashion Week shined more than ever with Andres Sarda– a famed Spanish brand that brought sexiness to the Miami Beach Convention Center with an exquisite Carpe Diem Collection, in a Vegas-style show. Our founder & president, Lissette Rondon got an exclusive with Nuria Sarda, created director of the brand. Check it out: http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/mfw-2014-carpe-diem-by-andres-sarda.html

Photo credit: MFW

1- Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Closes Miami Fashion Week 2014 in High Fashion.

Our favorite fashion show of the year! Miami Fashion Week 2014 Resort Collections wrapped up successfully after four days filled with spectacular runway shows highlighted by internationally renowned designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who dazzled the audience with her fashion presentation.

Read more at http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/agatha-ruiz-de-la-prada-closes-miami.html

Photo credit:  MFW, Humberto Vidal & Frank E Diaz.

Lissette Rondon also got an exclusive interview with Agatha: http://www.miamifashionspotlight.net/2014/05/exclusive-interview-with-agatha-ruiz-de.html

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