Young designer, Andrea Vivas-Hidalgo, promotes Venezuelan vote with her designs

Caracas Sets Foot in New Orleans– “Walking towards democracy”
Shoes designed by Andrea Vivas-Hidalgo.
Image: Courtesy of McCann Media Group.

Amid the hopeful mood of the elections in Venezuela, talented designer and creator of the AVH brand, Andrea Vivas-Hidalgo, did her artistic bit by conceiving the “Walking Towards Democracy”campaign in which she featured the “Caracas” model of her Mun-D collection.

Last weekend, the young Venezuelan promoted the civic right and responsibility of voting by donating pairs of her canvas with leather lining and sole shoes to prominent Venezuelans such as former beauty queen and actress Elluz Peraza, writer Indira Páez and singer Marger. These campaign representatives were able to vote comfortably in the original and unique creations of Andrea.

AVH, which started almost accidentally when Andrea decorated a pair of her mom’s slippers, is making its debut in the market this season with five shoe collections: “Flor,” “Tierra,” “Mar,” “Symbolo” and “Mun-D.”

“Caracas” set foot in New Orleans on the feet of the Venezuelan voters for a free and democratic nation. ¡Go Venezuela!

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