Nicolas Felizola: A ‘Super Fashion Hero’ of Miami


This amazing Super hero is a great “Miami’s top Designer.” He has been honored with top honor awards, including “Tiffany & Co. Designer Choice Award,” “Tiffany & Co Men’s Style Award” in 2010, and the “Victoria Puig de Lange International Style Award” at Miami Fashion Week in 2012. Recently, he was awarded with the Medal of Merit by the US Congress.

Felizola identified himself with the unforgettable super hero, “Batman.” He designs for people who understand the concept of styling through artistic expression; using his super powers to interpret their internal desires of self-expression, his key to make them feel confident.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight,  got an exclusive interview with this “Batman” super fashion hero where he spoke about Fashion in Miami, his designs “Made in USA,” his mission, and more. Check it out!

LR-What do you think about fashion in Miami?

“Nicolas Felizola does not believe in the word “fashion” or “moda” at all, not in Miami or anywhere else in the world. He believes in personality and originality, and the way it projects who you are internally through a piece of clothing that you wear in a certain moment of your life. There has been, and continues to be, a movement in Miami that grows strongly, which identifies this belief through the image that trendsetters portray,” said Felizola.

LR-How many jobs does your company provide every year for our people in Miami?

“My design team is composed of several excellent seamstresses and tailors, with an extraordinary capacity to bring to life my ideas. This team is fully committed to the production of excellence and quality control, where every piece is hand-made and treated like the one of kind article it represents. Our headquarters consist of personal shoppers who cater to the individual needs of every client. A public relations department that handles all press and media relations, and a management and accounting department that brings it all together and keeps our company flowing smoothly,” added Felizola.

“I see my company as an orchestra where every single instrument has its order of importance in the final magical melody.”

LR- Our country is trying to rescue the economy making more products here in USA. Are your designs “Made in USA?”

“My one of a kind pieces are 100% made in USA and many of my textile providers from all over the world have headquarters in the United States which in the end, make an economical contribution towards our country’s economy,” said Felizola.

LR-Could you define you mission with just 3 words?

“Committed with Excellency,” said Felizola.

More information about Nicolas Felizola, please visit:

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Written by: Lissette Rondon

Edited by: Alexis Diaz.


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