Stella McCartney, a renowned name in sustainable fashion, unveils a captivating limited-edition SOS capsule collection in honor of Earth Day 2024. This special collection features a concise edit of ready-to-wear apparel, vegan bags, and footwear meticulously crafted from 100% sustainable materials. From regenerative fibers to recycled and organic materials, each piece embodies McCartney’s commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical fashion practices.

SS Iconography and Sustainable Fashion: A Call to Action

Stella McCartney Debuts a Limited-Edition SOS Capsule: Celebrating Earth Day 2024

At the heart of this collection lies the SS iconography, symbolizing both a deep affection for our planet and a pressing call to action: Save Our Soils, Save Our Seas, Save Our Skies, Save Our Species. This symbolic representation graphically communicates McCartney’s passion for sustainability and her urgency in advocating for the protection of our natural world. Moreover, a portion of the sales from this capsule will be donated to Conservation International, further supporting environmental conservation efforts.

Innovative Materials and Sustainable Practices

Stella McCartney Debuts a Limited-Edition SOS Capsule: Celebrating Earth Day 2024

The standout pieces in this collection include the S-Wave Sport trainer, crafted entirely from 100% sustainable materials. The upper and tongue of the trainer are made from hemp, a plant-based fiber known for its eco-friendly attributes such as air purification, soil enrichment, and minimal pesticide use. Additionally, the trainer’s lining is made from recycled cotton, its laces and embroidered SS motif are crafted from recycled polyester, and its sole is vulcanized recycled rubber.

Noteworthy mentions in the collection include Amazon green jumpers in ethically sourced RWS-certified wool and unisex long-sleeved Polar White jersey tops made from a blend of organic and recycled cotton. Accessories are trimmed with recycled materials and crafted from sandy beige organic cotton, a fiber McCartney has championed since 2008 for its significantly lower water usage and absence of harmful chemicals compared to conventional cotton.

Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Stella McCartney  & The SS Fund 

Stella McCartney Debuts a Limited-Edition SOS Capsule: Celebrating Earth Day 2024

Beyond creating sustainable fashion pieces, Stella McCartney is also a co-founder of the SS Fund, a $200M investment fund dedicated to empowering the next generation of sustainable innovators. This fund supports groundbreaking projects like NFW, creators of the plant-based, plastic-free leather alternative MIRUM®; Protein Evolution, developers of an enzyme process for infinite polyester recycling; and Keel Labs, pioneers of regenerative seaweed-based yarn with a lower environmental impact than traditional fibers.

The SS Capsule collection will be exclusively available at Stella McCartney boutiques worldwide and online at starting from April 22nd, inviting consumers to join in the movement towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious fashion industry.

By blending style with sustainability and advocating for environmental action, Stella McCartney’s SOS capsule sets a remarkable example for the fashion industry, showcasing how fashion can be a force for positive change in our world.

Stella McCartney Debuts a Limited-Edition SOS Capsule: Celebrating Earth Day 2024

 SOS Capsule Collection by Stella McCartney



The Capsule Collection


“The earth has music for those who listen.”

 William Shakespeare.

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