Interview: Zurami Pascual, Miami’s Sweetheart

Zurami Pascual.
Miami’s Icon: Zurami Pascual. Image by Alexandra Murphy Photography.

Zurami Pascual is one of the most fascinating women in Miami whom many people admire. After I met her I found her personality very interesting– she was sexy, lovable, and funny. I found her totally authentic. I can say she is a “one-of-a kind woman!”  It was a top priority to sit down and write an article about her…let’s start with the basics!

Zurami Pascual.
Zurami Pascual. Image by Alexandra Murphy Photography.

Diana Laura: What is your background?

Zurami Pascual: “I was born in Havana, Cuba. I live in Downtown Brickell. My mother was my mentor and still is. I challenge myself to be like her, every day.”

DL: What do you like about Miami? 
ZP: “Everything, the weather, the people… Miami is home. I love this city–I love coming back after every vacation. It is like a small Cuba here in a free country.”

DL: Who is the person who most influenced your life?
ZP: “My mother!”

DL: Who is your favorite Beauty Icon?
ZP: “My favorite beauty icon is Grace Kelly, pure perfection. And you- all women are more beautiful than what they think.”

Zurami Pascual Attending Miami Fashion Week.
Zurami Pascual Attending Miami Fashion Week. Image by Joey Mugica.

Zurami Pascual: The Business Woman

DL: When do you feel the sexiest?
ZP: “I feel the sexiest when I’m with someone who reminds me that beauty is more than a beautiful naked body in bed.”

DL: How did you get started in the tanning salon business?
ZP: “I started in the tanning industry when my son was around 7 years old. I hated leaving him and going to tan at the beach. I started tanning at a local salon and I fell in love with the concept.”

DL: Where do you see your business in a few years? 
ZP: “My trade is a considerable and professional tanning franchise; as each salon meets an expectation of which no other salons can reach. We went from two salons to twenty-nine in five years and five more to open before December.”

Fashion event in Miami
Zurami Pascual and Friends. Image by David Ramos.

A Giving Woman,  Her Mentors and More…

DL: You are a very giving woman and very well known as a philanthropist too. Share with us this side of Zurami, “the Philanthropist.”
ZP: “Being a giving and kind person should be the norm for anybody who is blessed by worldly goods, it should be a standard of living for the upper financial status.”

DL: Who do you look up to as philanthropic mentors? 

ZP: “I love Norma Quintero and Kimberly Bacardi–they have changed the world for the better.”

DL: How would your son describe you as a mom?

ZP: “My biggest perfection in life is my son, Andres. We get along very well, if that’s possible!”

“He just said to me the other day: “Mom, you are the best mom and the coolest hands down.”” 

DL: You are one of Miami’s most wanted and eligible Bachelorettes. Tell us a little about your love life.
ZP: “Unfortunately, I am divorced. I promised my son that unless he was perfect for us, I would not allow myself to go there again. Right now though, I’m dating of course and not a man hater, at all– I think I’m really looking for brains before beauty maybe I’ll get both!”

Beth Sobol and  Zurami Pascual.
Beth Sobol and  Zurami Pascual. Image by Joey Mugica.
Joe Mugica and Zurami Pascual. Image by Joey Mugica.

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