BRUNEtTE & DIAMONDS: The Miami Symphony Orchestra “MISO” Takes Over Our Community
Image by Silvia Fassardi.

By Silvia Fassardi.

I am personally a huge fan of classic music. Academic music is rooted in the traditions of western music (liturgical and secular) so it means in deep, is very emotional and passionate. Miami Symphony Orchestra was created in 1989 by Manuel Ochoa, a choral conductor before Cuba Castrista. 

The Orchestra was just group of musicians playing at the Ballroom of the Hotel Inter- continental In downtown and sometimes out- of -tune repertoire. For our community is a tremendous responsibility to present and preserve the culture and legacy of this silhouette of pleasant notes for all your senses. 

Since 2005 the orchestra received a new twist, adding to the orchestra a fresh but experimented and energetic new conductor. The Venezuelan “Maestro” Eduardo Marturet; who is renowned worldwide after of been conducting others international orchestras such “Filarmonica De Buenos Aires”( Argentina), “Berliner Symphoniker” in Germany, “Symfoniorkesteret i Stavanger” in Norway and of course his native country Venezuela with the “Simon Bolivar” Symphony. 

Marturet, just in a few seasons conquer and brought to our city a new vibe in classics, his energy and passion when he is on stage, only compares with the times in old salons concerts–where romance between lovers with big dresses and tight corsets use to cut off breath after a kiss. 

With a mixed look between genius and “fashionista,” wearing his high end designer “bling” shoes and relaxed hair style, this man knows how to worship music. 

Marturet is not alone in this passion for classic music– Mrs Athina Klioumi is the Maestroʼs wife, muse and “conductor of the conductor” as many people calls her.

As actress, model and big supporter of the orchestra behind the scenes, Athina is really a networking professional. The Maestro muse, has an ethereal beauty –originally from Germany and Greek blood, she really is a Goddess walking through any salon. 

Miamiʼs new revamp orchestra is now a trend in the culture life of our city–with concerts like “Golden Sounds from Hollywood” and the very new “Triple Russians” (on May 4th, 2014). 

Supporting many young talents and local musicians, this orchestra is shaping the new culturescape. 

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Written by 
Silvia Fassardi.

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