After 5 challenging years of learning and creating techniques of using sugar not only a delectable recipe, but also the one-of-a-kind “Beyond Amazing” designs, Amazingly Delicious Desserts by Roxanna Hernandez has been gaining a great deal of attention in Miami.

In the Cake industry Hernandez is known for designing “realistic” artistic custom cakes such as: 3D designs, hand modelled sugar sculptures, and edible 3D painting replicas. A few years ago she made a huge impact with her cakes inspired by fashion!

“I have always felt inspired by fashion for my cakes, especially Christina Louboutin shoes,” said Hernandez. “I decided that my shoe-cakes had to look real, finding the tools that I needed to implement in making my own molds and shoe patterns.”

“In my pursuing of perfection, I developed the best techniques to make my cakes look as realistically as possible; paying attention to the utmost detail,” added Hernandez. “My goal is to make edible art. My customers can even eat the hand-crafted sugar flowers and cake toppers!”

In order to share with our readers our theme that “Fashion is everywhere,” we wanted to post the five most amazing fashionable cakes by Roxanna Hernandez during 2014. Check it out:

1- Tiffany Engagement Party.

“A client’s romantic way to propose to his girlfriend– this cake was inspired by the couple’s engagement ring from Tiffany’s. The ring box is made out of sugar but the engagement ring is from Tiffany’s.”

2- Christian Louboutin Crystal Shoe with Pillows.

“This cake was inspired by my client’s shoes, she wanted the shoe to be exactly like hers at her Cinderella Princess Party. Although I made the shoe out of sugar it had over a thousand mini Swarovski crystals placed one-by-one by hand in order to look like the real shoe.”

3- Black Peacocks Fashionable Cake

“This cake was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Peacock evening dress currently on display at the FIDM Museum.”

4- Silver Embroidery – Wedding Cake

“This cake was inspired by the sleeve of a wedding dress, wasn’t able to find the designer’s name to give credit, nor the picture of the entire dress, so I made my own pattern based on the picture.”

5- Gucci Fashionable Cake

“Inspired by the beautiful Gucci Leopard print clutch bag, all hand painted as well as the Gold Christian Louboutin sugar shoe.”

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