Ema Savahl: A ‘Super Fashion Shero’ of Miami

Image by Humberto Vidal.

This beautiful super fashion shero was recently awarded the “Excellence in Evening Wear Award” at Miami Beach International Fashion Week”. Ema identified herself with the hot and fabulous super hero, “Cat Woman.”

With a library of 60,000 pieces of wearable art garments, inspired by the colorful nature of Miami, the blue skies and turquoise oceans, this talented designer promotes her collections in the most affluent and cosmopolitan areas in US and the world including Paris, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai, St. Tropez and Mallorca, among others. “We make sure that our very unique technique and look is well recognized, sharing this way with the entire world a piece of the paradise we live in,” said Ema.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this “Cat Woman” fashion super hero, where she spoke about fashion in Miami, her line “Made in USA,” her mission, and more. Check it out!

LR- “What do you think about fashion in Miami?”

“Our City is a beach city; people are relaxed, tanned, beautiful, well fit, and happy. Fashion in Miami reflects this life style that we love and appreciate very much,” said Ema.

LR – How many jobs does your company provide every year for our people in Miami?

“We are a fully vertical company, everything happens in our factory with exception to our show rooms, PR company, and internet marketing we handle all in the house including the creation of the fabrics and prints, photo shoots, films, writing, etc…” said Ema.

LR – “Our country is trying to rescue the economy making more products here in USA; are your designs “Made in USA?”

“Yes our garments are 100% made and painted in the awesome Miami and we don’t intend to go anywhere else,” added Ema.

LR- “Could you define your mission with just 3 words?”

“Combine Art and Fashion seamlessly. Promote individualism and self-expression. Train highly talented youth to think out of the box and create unseen wearable art,” added Ema.

More information about Ema Savahl, please visit: www.emasavahl.com


Special thanks to our super heroes behind the scenes that made this 4th of July editorial possible:

Our Super Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Super heroes of Hair & Makeup: Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art (Ethian & Regina)

Our super celebrity Chef: Jackie Salas.

The best ally in fashion: Jonathan Torres

Our super beauty line: GP Natural Cosmetics.

Our super location: Canyon Ranch Hotel Miami Beach.

“The man behind this super woman”: Frank Diaz

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