Glenda Betancourt: A “Super Fashion Shero” of Miami

Image by Humbero Vidal

This “Super Fashion shero” is a beauty entrepreneur. Glenda Betancourt is the founder of GP Natural Cosmetics. She identified herself with the amazing super hero Robin who is always next to “Batman.” Glenda uses her superpowers: creativity, inspiration, and confidence to achieve her goal—“the satisfaction of those who want to be in the magical world of fashion and beauty.”

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this glamorous “Robin- Beauty Super Fashion shero” where she spoke about fashion in Miami, her beauty line “Made in USA,” her mission, and more.

LR- What do you think about fashion in Miami?

“Fashion in Miami is very rich in colors and styles, given that the major brands have a presence in our city, making us one of the biggest fashion centers of the world. Our beaches and the number of places where people can meet, makes our fashion FREE that everyone feels comfortable with what they wear and I love that, since there is not a pattern, but there is a glamorous fashion style, the colors are our flag and is what drives our fashion and differentiates us from other places.”

LR – How many jobs does your company provide every year for our people in Miami?

“My company ‘GP Natural Cosmetics’ works with national and international distributors and representatives. Our job promotes and represents our line, in the U.S and in Latin America .We currently have about 30 people on our team and we hope to triple next year,” added Glenda.

“People can also visit our website; we have all the information about opportunities for thousands of women who want to be part of the beauty industry:

LR – Our country is trying to rescue the economy making more products here in USA; are your designs “Made in USA?”

“I consider myself part of that group of people who are creative and enthusiastic; we want to promote “Made in USA.” Daily my team and I work hard to accomplish it with pride,” added Glenda.

LR- Could you define your mission with just 3 words?

“Create, innovate, and develop styles.”

More information about Glenda Betancourt and GP Natural Cosmetics, please visit:


Special thanks to our super heroes behind the scenes that made this 4th of July editorial possible:

Our Super Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Super heroes of Hair & Makeup: Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art (Ethian & Regina)

Our super celebrity Chef: Jackie Salas.

The best ally in fashion: Jonathan Torres

Our super beauty line: GP Natural Cosmetics.

Our super location: Canyon Ranch Hotel Miami Beach.

“The man behind this super woman”: Frank Diaz


Written by: Lissette Rondon

Edited by: Alexis Diaz.


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