Candy Woolley presented Summer handbag collection at MMIFW

Candy Woolley, Guatemalan handbag designer based in Miami, presented her Summer handbag collection at Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week on May 24, 2012.

This time, Woolley found her inspiration in nature, showcasing pieces with unusual color combinations and forms. “I wanted the shapes to be as simple as possible. The skins, textures, and color combinations would be the focus of each bag,” added Woolley.

Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with the talented handbag designer, where she spoke about her experience at Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week 2012.
LR- What was your inspiration?
“For this collection I have played with forms found in nature,” said Woolley.
LR-What do you think about the new concept of Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week?
“I am extremely happy that Maxine Viktor and Philip Stienstra came up with the concept. Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week gives a great opportunity for exposure to emerging designers. In my experience, I am overwhelmed with the response from the media and the audience. I have had tremendous amount of interviews and I also have been talking to the public, and its amazing to hear how each individual found their favorite handbag,” added Woolley.
LR- Did any fashion designer gain your attention at MMIFW 2012?
“Each of the designers had something special and unique in their collections. I especially liked Castro-Rojas,” said Woolley.
LR-What is your next project?
“My eCommerce site, I will make my designs available for everyone to shop online. After all this exposure from MMIFW, I have been bombarded with inquiries on my designs. Now, I mainly schedule appointments in my studio in Florida or work by email. I will also have a fashion show at Kitchen 305 in Sunny Isles on June 22nd, where I will introduce other accessories such as jewelry and leather cuffs. I began to sell these pieces in 2003.

For more information about Candy Woolley and her exclusive designs, please visit:

The Collection:

Handbag Designer, Candy Woolley.
Image by Frank Diaz.

Miami’s Top Designer, Sammy Gicherman and
Lissette Rondon (President of Miami Fashion Spotlight).
Image by Frank Diaz.

Celebrity Stylist, Emilio Uribe, Karent Sierra (star of “Real Housewives of Miami”)
and Lissette Rondon (President of Miami Fashion Spotlight).
Image by Frank Diaz.

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