Fahion designer, Samy Gicherman launches “Pajaro de Fuego” Collection inspired by Venezuelan fauna

Miami Based Designer, Samy Gicherman launches “Pajaro de Fuego” Collection inspired by Venezuelan fauna.

Recently the Venezuelan designer, Samy Gicherman, launched his collection called “Pajaro de Fuego” in a fascinating photo-shoot held at the newest “Fashion Koncept” located at 7101 Biscayne Blvd in Miami.

Gicherman finds his roots in this collection and in remembrance of his childhood, pays tribute to the fauna of his beloved homeland Venezuela, along with a fantastic journey filled with colors inspired by the 80’s, where this talented designer showed style, elegance, and originality; characteristics that have framed his career.

 Lissette Rondon, founder of “Miami Fashion Spotlight” got an exclusive interview with Gicherman during the photo-shoot, where Lissette also spoke with all the Latin-American talents who made one of the best productions of the season possible. Check it out!

Samy Gicherman (Designer)

LR- Could you tell us a little about this photo-shoot today?
 “We’re doing the photo-shoot of my collection “Pajaro de Fuego” from my “Ready-to-Wear” line, from my brand “Samy G.” This brand comes from the need to offer more affordable designs to the market. I’m always experimenting with new lines and fluidity textures that characterize me,” added Samy.
LR-What was the inspiration for this collection?

“I am Venezuelan; I always remember my favorite mountain in Venezuela, “El Avila” and its wildlife. This collection also has an influence retro-look from the 80’s and it is inspired by the birds of our fauna,” added Samy. “The colors that stand out are: red, white, black, and nude with fabrics including Spanx (Lycra), in addition to a single print that blends all colors into one fabric.”

LR-Do you consider yourself fond of the 80’s?
“It was a wonderful time which marked a great era in music, style and fashion. I do not want to imitate it but I decided to highlight this influence.”

LR-Can you define the concept of this photo-shoot with just three words?
“Style, 80’s and love,” added Samy.

Coco Alarcon (Professional Photographer)
LR- Could you tell us about your role here today?
“Pajaro de Fuego” is a proposal where Samy connects himself with his Venezuelan roots framing a modern woman, taking the reminiscence of the 80’s. We are working on a very versatile story that suits lifestyle, because this new woman of Gicherman is timeless, said Alarcon.
 LR-What is the photography concept that you will use in “Pajaro de Fuego?”
“We will work on a high fashion concept with very realistic images that speak for themselves,” said Alarcon.

LR- Could you define your artistic concept in this production with only three words?

“Talent, enthusiasm, and good vibes,” added Alarcon.

Angela Fischer (Make-up artist)
LR-Tell me about your work in this photo-shoot
“Samy is an artist. He is a designer that allows you to give your creative input,” said Angela. “My make-up will be more daring, different from traditional makeup. I will do artistic makeups, applied to fashion. “

LR-Is there any specific trends that you are following in your makeup today?
“Yes, we are following the 80’s. This era was glamorous, very Hollywood diva,” said Angela. “Women have to learn to make themselves up for this new trend because there will be many eyelashes, outlines, colors…it’s a very feminine trend.”

LR-Can you define the concept of your work in this photo-shoot with just three words?

“Vision, creativity, and fun,” said Angela.

Lorena Prado (accessories designer)

LR- Could you tell us about your work in this Photo-shoot?

“I’m doing this collaboration as I have been doing for the last 9 years that I’ve been working with Sam,” added Lorena. “This time, I designed accessories based on the collection “Pajaro de Fuego.” It makes it easier to create when you have an artist in front.”

 LR-What are the accessory trends that we will see in this photo-shoot?

“This production is strongly influenced by the 80’s; we decided to add only earrings and bracelets. I created long earrings with quartz and others in red Swarovski crystals,” said Lorena.

LR-Can you define your concept in accessories for this photo-shoot with just three words?

“Sophisticated, straight, and lineal,” said Lorena.

Best Moments!

Gicherman was assited by renowned  camarographers: Lazaro Moreno and Yobe.

Written by Lissette Rondon
Edited by Alexis Diaz
Images by Aralvy Lopez.

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