Joaquin Cortes made an unforgettable presentation in Miami

Joaquin Cortes at James L. Knight Center in Miami.
Image by Francia Montoya.

Joaquin Cortes, the most famous flamenco dancer in the world made an amazing presentation in Miami at the James L. Knight Center on November 12th, 2011.

The one-of-a-kind-performer made an unforgettable show full of energy and creativity, made up of great dancers and fabulous musical accompaniment that showed their passion for flamenco through their instruments, evident.

Cortes, also began a tour of several South American countries, with this spectacular presentation called “CALÉ”.

Image by Francia Montoya.

What was hot, cool, good and best?

Hot: Joaquin made the audience go wild when he went through the crowd without bodyguards; waving, hugging and kissing women who had the good fortune to be in his way, including Venezuelan actress, Mirela Mendoza,who according to La Voz. Net had a romance with the “bailaor”, in 2004.

Image by Francia Montoya.

Cool: The play of lights combined with special effects that made the scene wild and sexy -maximized the emotions of the women presented.

Image by Francia Montoya.

Good: Joaquin added bongos and drums to his repertoire, giving us not only a night of flamenco performing but also a special choreography Latino style that people jus loved!

Image by Francia Montoya.

Best: No doubt the dancer, Joaquin Cortes, himself. The flamenco icon proved once again that he is the best flamenco dancer in the whole world. Joaquin took the opportunity to dedicate his show to his mother with a giant picture of her on stage. Better impossible!

Best Moments!

Written by Lissette Rondon
Edited by Crystal Serrano.
Images by Francia Montoya.
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