Q&A with Kayce Armstrong: “I want the flight attendant of the future to be “Self” sufficient!”

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LR-How do you feel about being selected as one of the five finalists?
“After years of hard work, struggle and growth, I am both honored and challenged by such an amazing design opportunity. Being part of the new Eastern Air Line legacy is an historic event, not only as a designer but also a life changing experience,” said Armstrong.

LR- What was the first thing you did when you got the good news?
“I read the email a dozen times and thanked God, then told my team at the Shade Post,” added Armstrong.

LR- Tell us a little about your proposal, how would you dress the new flight attendants?
“I wanted to introduce Eco fabrics which are so important to the future of our planet, clothing design, and manufacturing. I proposed in my sketches a new design for the jackets that I call the Empress, “Eastern Empress,” along with hand painted silk scarves called “Bird of Paradise,” which will be and exclusive for Eastern Air Lines,” added Armstrong.

LR- What was the inspiration behind your proposal?
“I started to research the history of aviation and Eddie Rickenbacker. Then I started my inspiration board, I was dreaming about it from the beginning, and in doing so went on a journey through flight and aviation. Who was the first flight attendant, how did she come to be?” said Armstrong.

LR- Could you define your proposal with just one word?
“How about two: ‘Eco Luxury,’” added Armstrong. 

LR- The rules of this competition require that each designer propose a futuristic design, tell us a little bit about yours.
“A bird on its journey… In 2050 I believe that technology will be very advanced. So with that in mind I turn to my favorite movie genre, science fiction, with films like Blade Runner, Prometheus, Tron and Metropolis came as inspirations. I want the flight attendant of the future to be “Self” sufficient to handle every possible scenario, so I call my flight attendant, ‘Self,’” said Armstrong smiling.

LR- What do you think it takes to win this competition?
“A clear vision, an amazing support team and dedication to the craft and to the flight attendants needs. Both in safety and movement,” added Armstrong.

LR- If you could pick another finalist, beside yourself, to win this competition who would it be and why?
“Samy, he is gracious, sincere and makes beautiful clothing,” said Armstrong.

LR- What will be the first thing you do if you win?

“Have some bubbles and get a good night’s sleep. Then get back to work, said Armstrong laughing.
Q&A with Kayce Armstrong: “I want the flight attendant of the future to be “Self” sufficient!”

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