Celebs Next Door: Liliana Lopez, what a blogger looks like

Lissette Rondon interviewing Liliana Lopez.
Image by Frank Diaz.

Liliana Lopez has been a media savvy for almost a decade in our city of Miami. She believed in herself and although she was shy, she followed her heart and made her way behind the scenes, guiding, planning, and doing campaigns for other people.

With more than enough experience in Public Relations, she put all her ideas on her digital screen, as she wanted to share her thoughts through her writing skills; she became a blogger!

Scouring the best of the best in fashion, food, and culture, Liliana Lopez created Blackhunt.com, engaging her audience with the right information about what she does best. But she did not stop there; Liliana came out with celebrity interviews, which gave her more recognition.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with her, where she spoke about her experience as a blogger, interviewing celebrities, fashion in Miami, and more… 

LR- What is BlackHunt.com and how did you come up with this idea?

“Blackhunt.com is a mainstream shopping guide online; I came up with the idea about an online destination that people can look for where to go or where to eat here in Miami, in addition to some items that people can buy online at some department stores or at some major retailers,” said Liliana. “I also feature local designers, Miami’s best events, and well-known people from the city.”

LR- How did you become a blogger?

“I have always been a media savvy from my background in Public Relations; having worked at “Telemundo,” “Television Network,” and “MTV Latin America” and most recent in “La Comunidad Advertising Agency.” I’ve always been a little shy and I am always behind the scenes, but inside I felt that I wanted to become a recognized expert in my field which is Public Relations and communications—this is what I do best!”

LR-What was the key for your success as a blogger?

“I always try to communicate with my audience in the most sincere way; trying to meet them very well. I pick and choose the content that I deliver very thoughtfully. I think of myself as my audience and what could interest me,” added Liliana. “Most of the bloggers of Miami are very willing to collaborate with you, it’s a very competitive field but at the same time it has a lot of support that makes possible your success.” 

LR- Tell us about your experience interviewing celebrities

“It’s been fun interviewing all these people and being able to share with my audience what celebrities have to say, it’s a very rewarding experience,” added Liliana.

LR-Which are your favorite celebrity interviews?

“I have to say 3 of my favorite interviews are: actor, Jean Carlos Canela; he is good looking with a pleasant personality. He takes his time with your interview and he is Cuban like me,” said Liliana. “The second one was Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima. You think interviewing her would be intimidating but she’s a sweetheart. This exotic Latina that is recognized by the entire world is so warm and honest and the way she welcomes you, she makes it easy to communicate. And the third interview was actress, Lynn Collins from the movie “John Carter,” she made me feel like I was talking with a friend at my house.”

LR- Could you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?

“Real, spontaneous, tough.”

LR-What do you think about fashion in Miami?

“It’s cutting edge and very eclectic because of the melting pot of cultures, you can find pretty much everything here in this city and people can wear almost everything because of the weather,” added Liliana.

LR-Which are your favorite local designers?

“My favorite local designer is Victoria Lopez Castro because she reminds me a lot of Chanel,” said Liliana.

“If you want to be a successful blogger, don’t be afraid to put it yourself out there, embrace the competition, and engage your audience!”

Liliana Lopez
Celebrated Blogger in Miami
Co-Editor of Blackjunt.com

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