Celebs Next Door: Silvana Camargo, a woman with style!

Lissette Rondon interviewing Miami Celebrity TV Host, Silvana Camargo.
Image by Frank Diaz.

Miami-based TV host Silvana Camargo, has managed to stand firm in the entertainment world through her interviews with major figures from show business, both Latin and Anglo.

Through her entertainment segment of the popular daily news on “Telemundo” Channel 43,and her new online magazine “Con Estilo,” Silvana Camargo has quickly escalated her career in the media business,in conjunction with her modeling profession, making her a celebrity in our city.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of  “Miami Fashion Spotlight” got an exclusive interview with Silvana where she talked about her career beginnings, her recent award in Bolivia (her hometown), fashion in Miami, and more…

LR-Tell us a little about your career as a model, beauty queen, and recognized TV host.
“I started my activities in the field of entertainment from a young age; I come from a family of artists. My father Hilarion Camargo is an actor and theater director. With the theater company NINA, I traveled to many countries in Latin America and Europe. Later I was invited to do beauty pageants, where I won a few contests- the last was “Miss Latina International USA 2010″ where I had great experiences working with excellent designers in advertising campaigns and fashion shows in Miami and internationally,” said Silvana.

LR-Tell us about the award you just received in Bolivia as a “Prominent Outstanding Personality, Young Award.
“Recently I did a little trip to my native Bolivia to receive the award as a “Prominent Outstanding Personality, Young Award” –it was a big surprise that my country recognizes my work, and from 125 nominees I was lucky to be selected by unanimous choice. This gives me strength to carry on with my activities and my children’s foundation,” added Silvana.

LR-Tell us about your experience in the fashion world and what do you think of fashion in Miami?
“Miami is a center of great events and fashion is growing, bringing together a lot of designers from different countries. Here, there are some of the major networks and television media that reach worldwide, and fashion is becoming an attraction for our city almost like New York, Paris, and Milan; and we also have the privilege of great weather,” said Silvana.

LR-What are your favorite local designers and international designers that have influenced your style of dress?
“Among my favorite designers of the city are: Eduardo de las Casas, Viviana G (“Petit Pois”), Rosita Hurtado, Samy Gicherman, Benilda Nya, Julian Chang, Sugar and Cesar Francisco Rosario, among others … there are many talented designers,” said Silvana. “Among the internationals are: Dior, Chanel, Custo Barcelona, ​​Nicole Miller, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Roberto Cavalli, among others, who have been a source of inspiration, besides having the opportunity to interview many of them through my work. “

LR-Tell us about your new creation “Con Estilo.”
“Con Estilo is an online magazine in Spanish(www.conestilo.tv) where you will find videos, articles, photos on everything that happens in the world of fashion, entertainment, and events local and internationally,” said Silvana. “I did it with the purpose of sharing my experiences through special coverage.”

LR-Would you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?
“Perseverance, sacrifice, satisfaction,” added Silvana.

Silvana Camargo fan club and twitter: @ camargosilvana and conestilo @ conestilotv

“Dream, make up your minds and educate yourselves because nothing is impossible.”
Silvana Camargo
Miami Celebrity Model and TV Host.

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