Celebs next door: Chef Jackie Salas, a woman who inspires fashionable flavors

Lisssette Rondon interviewing Celebrity Chef, Jackie Salas.
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Chef Jackie Salas has been an inspiration to our city through her recipes on TV, radio and many other medias for many years. In efforts to recognize Salas’ perseverance, professionalism and personality–Jackie has begun to receive the fruits of her work.

Recently honored with the award “Hispanic Chef of year 2012;” Salas has won the hearts of all. Next to her soul mate, husband and chef Raul, she has inspired fashionable flavors in our city for over 15 years.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with her, where Salas spoke about her career, love for cooking, her family and her new passion for fashion. 

Image: MFS

LR-How did you become a Celebrity Chef?
“It started with an invitation from “Despierta America” (Univision channel) then I was selected to make cakes for celebrity guests. I am a pastry chef and I got the idea of ​​making custom cakes,” said Jackie. “I created my designs inspired by the personality of these celebrities. For example I designed a guitar for singer, Jose Feliciano, I made a keyboard for the group “Los Trios”, similar to one they use, I created the flag of Spain for singer, Jose Luis Perales, among others- since then, everybody started calling me Celebrity Chef.”

LR-Tell us about the long history of television programs, radio, internet, etc…
“ Despierta America” was my home for 10 years, doing my cooking segment. I was also part of the show “De mañanitas” on Telemundo channel. I was with my husband in America TV Channel, doing a session called “Que le pongan salsa”. In Mega TV Channel, I did “Al natural”, I have been invited to Anglo reality TV shows such as; MTV and HV1. I was interviewed by “Ocean Drive Magazine”, “Sun Sentinel” and the “New Herald”, among others,” said Jackie.

“I am currently in the news every day at noon on the Telemiami channel and I will be online with a radio show aired in Venezuela with businesswomen. I am also participating in a radio program called “La noche es mia,” I give “hot” recipes because it is an adult program. ”

LR-How did you feel when you won the award “Hispanic Chef of the Year?”
“I was at home one weekend that I did not work and I opened an email that said “congratulations on your award,”  imagine how thrilled I was. The award was given by a women’s organization called “Women in The Arts” on 20 January 2012.”

LR-Who is the most important people in your life?
“My family plays an important role; my children are my number one fans, like my parents and my husband. Raul and I met among meals, studying culinary arts and has been a fusion of feelings, we are two soul mates. We have worked together for many years- just one look and we know what we think.”

LR- What does Chef Jackie think about the fashion in Miami?
“I was not very fond of fashion. I love wear my chef’s jacket, it is my hallmark, when I have to be glamorous, I need help to get the other Jackie that is within me and loves to receive compliments, which has begun to arouse my curiosity for fashion trends. ”

LR- Who are your favorites designers in Miami?
“Alexander Croquer, he helped me to find my own style. Alexis Carballosa, an eco-friendly designer, but I cook very healthy and organic so we have a great friendship. Liliana Fierro, I love her very much. I would love to wear designs by Irma Martinez and Nicolas Felizola whom I admire very much.”

LR- Who are the chefs that have inspired you most?
“The two chefs that I carry within me, my two grandmothers, they are always my inspiration!”

LR- Could you define your work and your personality with just three words?
“Perseverance, love and faith.”

Image: MFS

“There is not a dream impossible to achieve, but success starts when you give the best of you, without expecting anything in return.”
Jackie Salas
Miami Celebrity Chef

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