Eva Longoria Covers Ocean Drive magazine’s March 2014 Issue
Eva Longoria in Ocean Drive March 2014.
Image by GREG LOTUS.

Political activist, actress, producer and now director Eva Longoria covers Ocean Drive magazine’s March 2014 issue. In the candid interview, Longoria opens up to writer Ray Rogers about whether she’s ever desired having kids and whether it’s on the horizon, being in touch with her inner nerd, her role in creating stories and roles for Latina actresses in Hollywood, the controversy surrounding her show Devious Maids and much more.

On her love for Miami:
It’s so beautiful when you wake up here in Miami-you can’t help but do some sun salutations and meditate. It’s so relaxing…

I love Miami! If I didn’t live in LA, the only other place I could live would be Miami. It’s a city that gives me energy once I land. I love the humidity; I love the heat; I love the beach.

On whether she will have children of her own

[It] is not on the horizon right now, so it’s not something I think about.

On whether she’s ever desired having kids

Oh, of course, when I was married.

On her relationship with Jose Antonio Baston, President of Televisa

Definitely very happy.

On being in touch with her inner nerd

I’ve been a chameleon my entire life. I was a band geek and played the clarinet, but then I was also a cheerleader and was part of the homecoming court. And I’ve carried that throughout my life.

On being both smart and sexy

Some people think it’s a contradiction to be sexy and smart, and it’s not the case. I think being smart is sexy.

On recently earning a master’s degree in Chicano studies from California State University, after three years of night school

I’m extremely curious about the world, and I always want to be literate on what I’m talking about. So I decided to get my master’s in Chicano studies, because that’s what I was most curious about. When immigration was becoming an issue- it was on the national agenda in a more serious way. I wanted to know more about the history of immigration and understand why it was problematic…I was like a sponge with my teachers and my classmates, just absorbing all of the knowledge. I found it all very energizing and exciting, and something that was outside of my everyday norm of mingling with other actors, talking about movies and box offices, and readings. It was nice to break out and talk about Oedipus theory and Marxism and the global community we live in, and how this affects everybody.

On creating more stories and roles for Latinas onscreen by forming her production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment

I’ve always been driven and ambitious, I’ve always been proactive. Knowing that Latinas are underrepresented in television and film, I didn’t want to just sit back and wait for the next role to come along. If we want more opportunities in entertainment, we have to create them ourselves- we have to write them; we have to produce them; we have to direct them. And that’s really what has motivated me to get behind the camera, to make sure other people have the same opportunity I had.

On why Devious Maids, a show she has both produced and directed, was groundbreaking for Latinas
I believe in the show. Organically, it was a groundbreaking show for Latinas, for being the first [English-language] show that cast five Latinas in the lead roles, and making sure they were the moral compasses of the show. And it was written by one of the best show writers of the last decade. I knew it was going to be magic.

On the cast of Devious Maids

I’ve known [these women] not only for years prior to Devious Maids as friends, but also as a producer of the show. I was very excited to be able to direct the girls. Our story lines are amazing, and being able to work even closer with Executive Producer Marc Cherry [who created Desperate Housewives] in a different capacity has just been a blessing.

On the original controversy surrounding the show

After the show aired, we actually got a couple of apologies from people who were the critics, saying “Oh my God, I was wrong” There’s no better way to silence your critics than success.

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