Renowned sustainable fashion brand Kene Kaya is set to make a bold statement at Miami Swim Week
Official The Shows, scheduled for May 30th, 2024 at SLS South Beach Hotel. This highly anticipated runway show will highlight the brand’s commitment to preserving Peruvian indigenous art and culture, sharing colorful pieces of swim and resort wear featuring work of talented artists from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon.

Empowering Indigenous Artisans: Bridging Cultures Through Fashion

Kene Kaya: Unveiling the Vibrant Soul of Peruvian Indigenous Culture at Miami Swim Week

Kene Kaya addresses the challenge of limited access and agency for indigenous Peruvian artists and artisans by providing a platform to share their work with global markets, promoting their immense
talent and creativity on an international scale. The brand is deeply rooted in the preservation of Peruvian indigenous art and culture, particularly the traditions of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe of the Amazon.

“Our mission is to preserve Peruvian indigenous art and culture through the medium of fashion, while
also highlighting and globalizing the talent of Peruvian artists and artisans who may not have access or agency to share their art with larger markets,” says Alessandra Durand, founder and designer of Kene Kaya.

Kene Kaya: Honoring Heritage Through Ethical Fashion

Kene Kaya: Unveiling the Vibrant Soul of Peruvian Indigenous Culture at Miami Swim Week

Kené Kaya, meaning “the spirit of design” in the indigenous language of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe of
Peru, is a mission-oriented and impact-driven ethical fashion brand that seeks to preserve indigenous
textile art passed down generations in the creation of her pieces.

Each piece in the collection is a fusion of embroidered and printed textile art and contemporary design,
featuring nature-inspired motifs and depictions of Amazonian wildlife. The swimwear showcases colorful
prints of indigenous textile art in collaboration with a collective of Shipibo artists in Cantagallo, Lima,
Alessandra works with, including world renown artist Olinda Silvano, celebrating their connection to the
natural world.

Kene Kaya and Its Peruvian Heritage in Every Stitch

Kené Kaya at Miami Swim Week

“We take pride in contributing to the preservation of Peruvian culture, making each piece not just a
garment but a symbol of heritage, tradition, and the transformative power of ethical and culturally
conscious fashion,” adds Durand.

Alessandra Durand, a Peruvian designer based in Miami, has long been passionate about showcasing the
beauty and cultural significance of indigenous embroidery and art from her homeland. Through her
brand, she seeks to amplify the voices and talents of indigenous artists.

Attendees of Miami Swim Week can expect to be transported on a journey through the lush landscapes
of the Amazon as they witness the unveiling of this extraordinary swimwear collection by Kene Kaya.

With its blend of sophistication, artistry, and cultural significance, this collection promises to leave a
lasting impression on the fashion world.

More about the brand, please visit:

Kene Kaya: Unveiling the Vibrant Soul of Peruvian Indigenous Culture at Miami Swim Week

Kené Kaya at Miami Swim Week

Photo Credits: Kene Kaya | Courtesy of Alessandra Durand

“I think my sense of color I have got from my upbringing in Peru.”

Mario Testino

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