The 6 Paramitas in meditation
BRUNEtTE & DIAMONDS: Meditation, the practice that can cure
By Silvia Fassardi.

I would like to share in this edition what I have been learning lately in my practices of meditation. Paramitas means enlightenment or perfection of human virtues in Buddhism. I do meditate every day at least once, trying to learn and master these virtues with all my limitations and obstacles that I receive daily. It has been more or less a year since I started with this practice– since my life was full of pressure like any other.

One of the benefits I have found in meditation is the peace of mind and even stress management; the clearer your mind is, is the easier it is to recognize answers. Some of the physical benefits in this practice is that it also helps to keep low blood pressure.

The six Paramitas or wisdom in action are:

1- Giving-help ourselves and help others.

2- Conduct –act in a positive way towards ourselves and with others.

2- Patience-knowing that pushing always is not the right way.

3- Diligence- do things when they need to be done.

4- Meditation- meditate in these actions everyday and breathe control.

5- Wisdom-is not to have information but how to act in situations.

The more we learn about these virtues, the more that we free ourselves from the daily dissatisfaction or any pain and suffering, and the more we can achieve happiness and true wisdom.

Any negative thought or negative emotion will cause pain within us. But it is possible to transform these emotions into compassion and healing love and bring true peace and unlimited satisfaction as well as confidence to us.

Meditation is a practice that has changed my life. It is not easy, as sometimes there are too many thoughts dancing in our heads, dictating the wrong messages but I keep learning. I have found more answers within this practice than in any other religion. You can change yours too.

Until the next edition,
Silvia Fassardi

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