Spa Palazzo at Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort celebrated partnership with Natura Bissé

Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort along with Veronica Fisas Vergés, CEO of Natura Bissé Group and Patricia Fisas, Director of Marketing of Natura Bissé Group hosted an exclusive weekend at Spa Palazzo Featuring the luxury international skin care collection, Natura Bissé, January 18-19, 2013.

The renowned skincare company teamed up with the Resort’s award-winning spa to feature their distinctive skincare collection of spa products and treatments offering a totally re-designed menu of services and new signature treatments, as well as spa and wedding packages, incorporating the Barcelona-based company’s cutting-edge therapies.

To celebrate this unforgettable occasion, the spa celebrated an amazing spa weekend experience (“Spa Palazzo featuring NATURA BISSĒ”) that started with a fabulous opening party, featuring an exotic mix of Spanish music with a special Tapas menu, delicacies, flamenco performances, and Spanish Cava which were patterned after the legendary Alhambra Palace in Spain.

The event was attended by the most influential people of the community along with local celebrities, such as: Vanesa Hauc, Host of “Noticiero Telemundo”, among others.

Lissette Rondon, Founder & President of Miami Fashion Spotlight got an exclusive interview with Joaquin Serra, Senior Executive President of NATURA BISSĒ, where he talked about his partnership with Spa Palazzo, the company’s beginning, and more.

LR- It’s true that NATURA BISSĒ is a familiar company?
” Yes, our company that has been in the market for 30 years was founded by my father-in-law,” added Serra. “Our family business has a protocol where the main bases are respect and honesty. My wife is the CEO of the company and each member of the family has a different function that contributes to the growth of NATURA BISSĒ.”

LR- Tell us about your partnership with Spa Palazzo.
“Our company has made this partnership with Spa Palazzo at Boca Raton Resort & Club to promote our project “Spa Palazzo featuring NATURA BISSĒ” that will include our most recent groundbreaking developments such as the DIAMOND COLLECTION, a global anti-aging treatment and the INHIBIT LINE, a serious cosmetic alternative like Botox,” added Serra.

LR- Could you define your company with just three words?
“Luxury, efficiency and results,” said Serra.

LR- What advice would you give to new companies that are starting in the Anglo-market?
“I advise five things:
1 – First you have to be clear that there is a need in the market about your product.
2 – You must have a plan to follow.
3 – Surround with people that add value
4 – Every project must be overvalued by a woman.
5 – If you made a mistake in this business don’t give up–start over again,” said Serra.
Selmin Arat, Eva Jeanbart-lorenzotti, & Leonardo Davalos.

Carol Bell & Dana Shear

Christine Luzano & Nobert Tomas.

Dana & Gary Shear

David Stoup & Steve Ast.

Leonardo Davalos, Cristina Nelson, & Pedro Maal.

Elena Serra & Sasa Nicolic.

Lisbert Fernandez-Vina, Jennifer Diliz, Elena Serra, & Patricia Fisas.

Richard Dusseau, Joaquin Serra, & David Stoup.

Patricia Fisas, Joaquin Serra, & Veronica Fisas.

Gillian Miniter & Daniela Maron.

Gloria Bocaranda & Jonathan Torres.

Gerardo Gomez, Joaquin Serra, Veronica Fisas, Denise Vitiello, Elena Serra, & Jose Villegas.

Gerardo Gomez, Steve Ast, Joaquin Serra, & Jose Villegas.

Marisol Hernandez, Patricia Fisas, & Ursula Bertrand.

Jennifer Tormo & Nila Do.

Jaclyn Sienna & Frederick Siena.

Jose fernando & Vanessa Hauc.

Katie Jordan, John Giammearse, & Angel Bell.

Jose Villegas & Denise Vitiello.
Katie Jordan & Rose Brenkus.

Laura & Linda Carroll.

Pedro Maal, Veronica Fisas, & Leonardo Davalos.

Lissette Rondon & Mario Nardone.

Elise Minton, Kate Liberatore, & Liz Ritter.

Peter Serena, Eva Jeanbart-lorenzotti, Daisy Olivera, & Bernerd Garsen.

Cristina Nelson, Michael di Martino, & Vanessa Carter.

Joaquin Serra, Veronica Fisas, Daisy Olivera, & Bernerd Garsen.

Steve Ast & Joaquin Serra.

Dana Shear, Cristina Nelson, Joaquin Serra, & Daisy Olivera.

Deborah Sponder, Mariavelia Savino, & Beatrice Savino.

Valeria Roseboloom & Veronica Fisas.

Denise Votiello, Ron Rodriguez, Lisbet Fernandez-Vina, &Cristina Nelson.

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