Joey Mugica Honored Miami’s Most Iconic Women

‘The Color Queen’ Joey Mugica honored Miami’s most distinguished women at the first ever ‘COLOR A CAUSE’ event at ‘Pearl Restaurant and Champagne Lounge,’ located at 1 Ocean Drive, on April 19th, 2012.

The inspired images featured and honored some of Miami’s most dynamic and renowned women, including: Frances De Polanco, Elaine Lancaster, Shireen Sandoval, Sandi Powers, Lisa Pliner, Hope Gainer, Jeniya Penrod, Karent Sierra, Erin Michelle Newberg, Simi Dahl, Daisy Olivera, Erin Mia Milchman, Kimberlee Etheridge, Zurami Pascual, Lucrecia Beird, Sherie Wagner, Marysol Patton, Samantha Perez, Mary Ann Williamson, Cecilia Paz, Teri Rios, Jennifer Heegaard, Charlotte Libov, Paola Ekelund, Bibi Andrade, Giana Leyva, Christina Hampton, Jane Jei, Mirianer Cavallini, Sonia Jacobson, Lauren Foster, Liza Santana-Pineres, Charlotte Ryland, Kelley Mitchell, Glenna Golden Millberg, Roxanne Vargas, Lourdes Valls, Kimberly Shenker-Bacardi, Donna Anderson Scharer, and Ana Margarita Martinez.

What was hot, cool, good, and best?

Hot: The fabulous red carpet organized by Jennifer Heegaard. Successful philanthropists, businesswomen, journalists, socialites, reality stars, artists, designers, and entertainers were in the spotlight with their best attires!

Cool: The profit of the event benefited ‘Dress for Success Miami,’ a not-for-profit organization that provides professional attire for economically disadvantaged women.

Good: Elaine Lancaster’s performance during the portrayal of the images was an emotional moment that left the presenters speechless.

Best: The amazing work by Joey Mugica; “The Color Queen” infused his own personality into his honorees’ images, creating a unique art. Everybody loved it!

Red Carpet

Sherie Wagner.

Charlotte Libov.
Zurami Pascual.

Susie Carreño.

Ana Margarita Martinez.

Brigitte Andrade.

Teri Rios.

Simi D.
Vincent De Paul.


Lauren Foster.

Lucrecia Beird.

Karent Sierra.

Jennifer Heegard and Joey Mugica.
Dimitri and Kimberly Shenker-Bacardi.
Roxanne Vargas and Joey Mugica.

Erin Mia and Laurence Gartel.

Elaine Lancaster.

Lisa Pliner.

Donald J. Pliner, Lisa Pliner, Joey Mugica and Elaine Lancaster.
Best Moments!

Joey’s art work

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