New Year’s Eve parties are right around the corner and “fashionistas” like us have more excuses to dress up, creating a what-to-wear dilemma.

In order to help ending our last fashion drama of the year, we had a chic chit chat with iconic Miami designer, Viviana Gabeiras, and whether we are gearing up for a luxury Miami style party or a nice dinner at home with family and friends, Gabeiras shared with us her five best NYE fashion tips to help us look stylish for the ultimate party of 2014!

1- Fashion choices depend on where we spend NYE.

“People go on vacation, travel to get together with their family members, go to parties with friends, etc. My first tip is important; before rushing into the spirit of spending, think about where you would like to go, what plans you may want to do, and finally what you would really like to splurge on.”

2- Plan your NYE wardrobe around a favorite color.

“Pick pieces around it and add accessories to make a statement. Complement with neutral colors but in a way that the important color is the main piece highlighted in the look.”

3- Think about it like if it was homework: in fashion, practice makes perfect.

“While flipping through magazines, cut out photos and put together your own outfits so that when you’re out shopping your eyes go naturally towards certain pieces you were already visualizing. Also, play around with your own closet and start mixing and matching your wardrobe like you never did before. You will be surprise how new your wardrobe can be by just doing so. Place your favorite looks in your closet as a guide and hang your outfits already put together.”

4- Color pallets for different attitude!

“A sexy chic attitude: Red is a color that everyone loves, but why must women mix it with black? Instead, combine it with a chocolate/dark brown color for a dark mix or a sand/beige for a soft neutral combination.

An urban athletic: Army green with navy for a dark twist and silver with gray for a light neutral color.

A feminine whimsical: Main color would have to be a rusty cognac added with eggplant for dark combo and soften it with a mauve color.”

5- Live your life in colors!

“Don’t be afraid to mix colors, it will give you an instant make over especially if you usually wear tone on tone. Get ready for the compliments you will be receiving!

“When I was a younger girl I was very shy, always wore dark colors browns, beige, black and even afraid to wear short skirts, but as I deepened myself into the fashion world, little by little, I let myself go and finally came out of the closet and now I live my life in colors.”

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Images: Petit Pois by Viviana G.

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