Latino Fashion Week Arrives in Miami

Latino Fashion Week Arrives in Miami

LATINO FASHION WEEK arrives in Miami on Thursday, February 5th, for its 9th Annual 2015 Tour “TIMELESS,” celebrating the ability to create fashion that is beautiful to the eyes, stimulating to the spirit and forever imprinted on the soul. The event will take place at Kukaramakara in Brickell, Miami.

Established in Chicago, Latino Fashion Week, the premier resource institution for those in the Latino Fashion Industry, is the only full week and tour created to support the talent of local, national and international Latino designers. Latino Fashion Week represents a milestone for designers looking to break into this industry.

Co-Founders and Principals ARABEL ALVA ROSALES Latino Fashion Week Co-Founder and Principal; a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years; CEO & President of AAR & Assocs., LTD., an information technology & management consulting firm. Arabel has been described in Chicago Magazine as a “Renaissance Woman” for her ability to discuss global topics, issues on Wall Street and is recognized for having a critical eye for art and fashion. She often appears in media as a national Latina Leader and also serves on the Chicago Mayor’s Fashion Council. CESAR ROLON Latino Fashion Week Co-Founder and CEO Imagen Marketing Consultants. Media and marketing consultant with over 15 years of experience; advisor to Pro Export Colombia – apparel and textile, named by the Hispanic Executive Magazine as “Chicago’s Marketing Crusader”


 CLAUDIO BASIC, is the brand new, all-natural, lifestyle brand designed and created by Claudio Milano. Made of all natural fibers, and utilizing innovative garment dying techniques, it’s quickly becoming the sought after mark in stylish linen and cotton pieces. Equally at home, on a yacht and on the streets, Claudio Basic’s pieces promise the comfort and ease of linen, with the style of today’s latest trends.

IVELISSE NIEVES, renowned Haute Couture Jewelry Designer and entrepreneur, born in San Juan Puerto Rico. She began her career as a jewelry designer opening a design studio in Virginia and preparation materials using precious stones and metals among others achieved sell the same in the Hispanic and Anglo market. To Ivelisse all jewelry must be completed to perfection, because it does highlight the design, texture, color, balance and brilliance of each piece to be unique in its class.

WILLFREDO GERARDO, Hollywood Born and raised, has been destined to design and create some of the hottest gowns for the red carpet of tinsel town. He sets to inspire those women who desire glamour through his one of a kind couture creations. Willfredo understands all the curves and lines of the modern woman and loves to be able to help them embrace their inner powerful beauty by creating stunning gowns that scream elegance.

SAMY GICHERMAN is an award winning, internationally renowned fashion designer. He has been an anchor designer in Miami Fashion Week for the last four years and recently has acquired the first ever Brand Ambassador role for Miami Fashion Spotlight Blog. In 2014, Samy launched a national expansion effort of his Ready-to-Wear collection targeting fine retailers and specialty boutiques. In 2015, he will launch his exquisite Bridal Accessories collection, targeting markets in Texas, California, and beyond.

Celebrity Emcee: CARLOS ANAYA, GLAAD Award recipient for Best Spanish Journalism and has been recognized as one of the 25 most influential young Latino leaders by the National Latino Leaders Magazine. Anaya has hosted Latino Fashion week Chicago in 2013. Talent, content producer and media trainer.

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