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by Silvia Fassardi.

Hello. When it comes to expressing our love to that especial person, we really want to rock their world by sharing all our passion. There is nothing better than to be in love and to be loved. Our heart beats faster when we are in love, our skin glows when we kiss that special person, and eventually, the ultimate dream is live happily ever after until God sets apart.

Marriage is a big step in our lives. It is definitely one the greatest moments when somebody proposes, and you engage your love with a beautiful diamond ring.

Diamonds are the symbol of eternal love, since they are the strongest and hardest material on the planet. Their beauty and sparkle are truly a demonstration of the power of nature.

Let me tell you that it takes thousands of years to form this mineral and it forms hundreds of miles below Earth’s crust.

The chemical composition of diamond is carbon, and has the strongest of all atomic bonds called “covalent.”

As a specialist graduated in diamonds at the Gemological Institute Of America GIA, I will give you some basic tips about how to judge a diamond when it comes to investing in this rare stone for your engagement ring, at a jewelry store or a diamond dealer.

The Four C’s

(Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color)

CARAT: Is the international unit of measurement for gem weigh. One carat is 200 milligrams. So maybe your first question would be how big or what size you want to buy the stone? You should know that this information would impact directly in the price.

CUT: We all have a favorite shape when it comes to a diamond. I personally love the emerald cut. But one of the most popular, the brilliant cut or “Ideal Cut” with the 58 famous facets is a big favorite in the market, claiming that their specific proportions create the perfect balance between brilliance and fire. A secret? Oval stones create an optical effect of bigger size in proportion with the weight in carats.

Always check with the help of the loupe and your diamond dealer for two specific facts: The table position in center and the pavilion length. Also very important is the finish that consists of two qualities: polish, it means you should look for any lines on surface, and symmetry, is overall the balanced placement of its facets from one side to the other.

Is about how clear the diamond is inside. With the help of the jewelry loupe, use the eye to see deep inside the stone from the top called “The table” and “The crown” for any inclusion or black spot, if it is the case. Normally the clearer the stone, the more expensive and rare is this magnificent mineral. Then turn the stone and look trough the pavilion facets.

COLOR: Fancy colored diamonds, like yellow, can be more valuable than white diamonds but at the same time colorless diamonds are extremely rare in the market. A slight hint of color can make a big difference in a diamond’s price. Color is graded by letter; from D, colorless to Z, light yellow. Bright colors, like fancy yellow, red, blue green, are extremely rare and are judged with different criteria.

With a loupe, hold the diamond to check what is called the “Depth of Color.” Normally jewelers use master stones to compare the hue and tones of the stone you are looking at.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the fire and fluorescence make them unique as the person we love.

Diamonds are forever!

Silvia Fassardi

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